Welcome to my GitHub page! My choice for algorithms is Python and C++, and I do all development on Linux systems using open source tools. Below are my most interesting projects (for all my codes, go to http://github.com/vmlaker).

- V. Mlaker


  • Parallel signal processing in a pipeline
  • Low overhead, high performance
  • 100% pure Python


  • Realtime image processing
  • Multiprocessing with shared memory in Python
  • OpenCV Image diff and face detection on live video stream


  • Video surveillance with RESTful API
  • 24/7 capture and archive of live video
  • Multithreaded C++


  • Weird data structures, in Python
  • Sockets, string processing, etc.


  • Mostly a C++ version of Coils (above)

Python Wild Magic

  • Python wrapper of 200K lines of C++ library code

Hello Websocket

  • Minimalistic implementation of streaming video over websocket